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The future

of parking is here

with our extremely precise, near 100% accurate radar or dual detection NB-IoT smart parking sensor

Nb-IoT-smart -parking-sensor-dual-detection-Smart-Lynx

radar/Dual detection

Combined magnetometer and/or radar-based detection method

NarrowBand - IoT

Stabile and reliable communication without any network equipment

5+ years

Built-in, high-capacity battery and low energy consumption construction

Unique construction

Flush-mount, double cylindered casing for durability and easy maintenance


Sensor-based intelligence and service fee-free operation model

99+% accuracy

Sophisticated detection mechanism perfected over 4+ years

How it works?

Sensor configuration

Based on the provided communication protocol documentation the sensors can easily be integrated into any central data collection system.

Sensor installation

Required equipments and deployment process are documented in the provided installation guideline, based on which the sensors can be easily and properly placed.

Receive occupancy data

After protocol implementation and sensor deployment the sensors send all data to the central data collection system, where they can be analysed and processed.

NB-IoT Smart Parking Sensors to provide real-time data on the occupancy status of parking spaces

NB-IoT communication, sophisticated product design, careful component selection and many years of experience results in a device that is capable of determining the parking space occupancy with an outstanding reliability of over 99% and with an average lifetime of over 5 years. Our NB-IoT smart parking sensors use radar or dual detection (magnetometer and radar) to monitor the occupancy of a parking space.

  • Radar detection technology: In case of our default setting sensors make a detection every eight seconds and only communicate status change if new status is confirmed by 2 detections. 
  • Dual detection technology: When there is a significant change in the magnetic field the magnetometer triggers the radar sensor, which can determine whether the parking space is vacant or occupied. 

Thanks to the NB-IoT communication, enabled by the embedded chip SIMs, there is no need for any additional network equipment to be installed.

The sensors work as stand-alone ones, meaning that they can determine the occupancy of a parking space by themselves, therefore there is no need for any central hub to process the sensor data, instead they can be managed and operated directly (based on a well-documented communication protocol that is provided alongside with the sensors), in consequence, after purchasing the sensors there is no service fee associated with operation.

The sensors have a double cylinder construction, meaning that there is an external cylinder that is flush mounted into the road surface, and there is an internal sealed cylinder containing electronics, antenna and battery, which gets placed into the external one, therefore the sensor is easily exchangeable (for those with the right expertise it takes only 30 seconds) in case of any malfunction.

Technical parameters

NB-IoT communication with embedded chip SIM

IP68 ingress protection

99+% detetction accuracy

Built-in lithium ion battery

Diameter: 53 mm, height 121 mm

Operating temperature between -40 and +85°C

Technical parameters

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