Parking guidance system

Dynamic, high-quality LED message signs are used to guide drivers towards an area where chances of finding a free parking place are higher by real-time showing to drivers the number of free spots and/or availability levels.

These displays are designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

The occupancy data collected from individual sensors is transmitted to these displays through the operating platform, where display statuses can also be monitored remotely.

In addition to health monitoring, the operating platform can also be used to set or modify the group of parking places out of which the number of available placed is calculated for each display.


Robust casing, that is resistant to weather and other physical conditions, designed to suite both outdoor and indoor use.


In addition to the number of free spots and/or availability levels anything can be shown on the multi-color LED matrix displays including periodical verbal instructions or logos.


Since the display is communicating wirelessly with the system, only power source is needed to be provided.


Customization of the front panel is up to customer needs to create the most authentic design that blends well with the landscape.