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NB-IoT Smart Parking

Dual-detection, extremely accurate, stand-alone
Smart Parking Sensor with 5+ years of lifetime
without any additional equipments to be installed

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Innovative Smart City
solutions for mobility

We make our cities more livable with market-leading Smart Parking and
sensor-based Traffic Monitoring solutions

Parking events
in Downtown Budapest

2000 +

smart parking spaces

1 +

traffic monitoring sensors

100000 +

app downloads

10 +

tons less CO2 emissions per year


Smart Parking

Our Smart Parking service provides an end-to-end solution to the parking challenges of cities. We help drivers and parking professionals with cutting-edge parking sensors based on NarrowBand IoT technology, a user-friendly management interface, on-street displays and the Parker mobile app.

Real-time parking occupancy data

Data-driven decision support

More efficient operation

Increasing parking revenues

Satisfied residents and drivers

Decreasing noise and air pollution

Traffic monitoring

Our sensor-based traffic monitoring solution offers a cost-effective alternative to urban traffic measurement. The data collected by the sensors can be used to identify traffic anomalies in a timely manner, allowing intervention before they become a major problem for urban traffic.

Real-time traffic data

Data-driven decision support

Rapid detection of traffic anomalies

Satisfied residents and drivers

A cost-effective alternative

Quick installation

„We are proud that we were the first in Budapest to introduce the smart parking experience to our citizens and visitors. Since the start of the system’s public operation in Sept 2019 the number of those who actively use the Parker application is continuously increasing, resulting in the improvement of parking statistics: the occupancy rate has increased and become territorially more balanced. Parking place-level statistics turned out to be extremely useful when it comes to the design of operation processes and other parking related concepts."
Gergely Molnár
Director of Public Space Management Authority, Belváros-Lipótváros, Budapest, Hungary
„It’s finally an app that really makes life easier for drivers, I really don’t have to circulate for hours while searching for a parking space. Simple operation, very useful, practical app, exceeded all my expectations. All that is missing is to be available throughout Budapest! Super, just keep going! ”
Parker user

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Our Smart City services support innovative mobility and communication solutions to make urban traffic and, at the same time, the urban environment more livable and healthy. If you want to know more about Smart Cities, about us and our solutions, download our brochure!


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