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Smart Parking Dashboard

With our Smart Parking Dashboard, you can easily monitor the occupancy of your parking spaces remotely, bringing a new level of efficiency to your parking operations.

Cloud-based system

Real-time and historical statistics

User-friendly visual appearance

Third party API integration

Customisable alerts

Individual access rights

Smart Parking Dashboard

By analysing real-time and historical parking occupancy data displayed by the Smart Parking Dashboard, vital statistical information is made available to parking managers to help them improve operational efficiency and infrastructure utilisation.

Interactive, map-based, real-time and historical data visualisation makes it easy to monitor and analyse trends in parking occupancy and optimise operational processes accordingly, which can be further enhanced by the use of customisable alerts.

The pre-defined statistical reports available on the Smart Parking Dashboard include average parking time, number of parking events, occupancy rate and distribution of parking events by length, but can also be customised to modify existing statistical reports and even create new custom queries.

In order to ensure that everyone has access to only the data that is relevant to them, individual access rights can be set up according to customer needs.

The raw data and statistical reports can be easily exported to create any kind of decision support material, presentation or report, or even easily integrated into third party systems (e.g. existing parking management system).

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