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Parker, the Smart Parking mobile app

With Parker, parking is a smooth experience as you can easily find available parking spaces at any time and it even helps you to start mobile parking.


Map visualisation

Filtering by parking space type

Parking zone details

Start mobile payments

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Parking on the street has never been easier. With Parker, you don’t have to search around for free parking spaces, as you can check where spaces are available on the map with either the street or parking space view.

If you’re looking specifically for a disabled space, electric charger or loading bay, you can easily set Parker to show only the parking spaces that are really relevant to you.

In Parker, you can find the current parking zone data and save up to 5 different license plates, making it easy to start buying parking tickets.

Just search or tap on your destination on the map, navigate there using an app of your choice and switch back to Parker to see where the free places are in the area.

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