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Innovative Smart Parking
solution at Pécs, Hungary

Smart Lynx introduces the on-street Smart Parking experience to Pécs. The system not only shows drivers where parking spaces are available, but also helps to reduce air and noise pollution in the centre of Pécs.

In the spring of 2022, Smart Lynx’s Smart Parking system was implemented in the city centre of Pécs, which benefits not only motorists but residents and parking operators as well.

In total, more than 700 on-street parking sensors were installed in two phases. The parking sensors detect if a vehicle is parked in a given lot. The system transmits this data to a smart parking app, which allows motorists to easily check the location of available parking spaces.

The smart parking spaces are located in the Centrum car park and in the downtown streets north of Rákóczi Street. The system not only makes life easier for motorists on a daily basis, but also takes parking operations to a new level: sensors have been installed in places where parking is otherwise prohibited. If someone parks in one of these spaces, the parking management will be alerted, making parking violations even more effectively controlled. The system also includes a Smart Parking Dashboard, which provides useful statistics such as the occupancy rate of each parking space, the average parking time and the number of parking events. The data can be used to increase efficiency and improve operations. 

No more wasted time looking for parking spaces in the centre of Pécs, thanks to Smart Lynx. The Smart Parking system reduces traffic, air and noise pollution, and results in a more liveable city centre, with grateful residents being the main beneficiaries.

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