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Innovative Smart City solutions in the 13th district of Budapest

Thanks to our Smart Parking solution, people living in the Szent István Park area of Budapest's 13th district can have a real Smart Parking experience and the city administration can also get a glimpse of the benefits of implementing a forward-looking Smart City solution

Becoming a Smart City is also a long-standing concern of the 13th district of Budapest, whose objectives include reducing car traffic and parking challenges in the district. To launch the Smart Parking pillar of the programme, Smart Lynx expertise was called upon to launch a Smart Parking pilot project in early 2019 in the area of Szent István Park, with 100 public parking spaces. After the success of the pilot project, the district’s management decided to expand the Smart Parking system, with another 750 parking sensors to be installed in autumn 2022.

At the same time, the district’s parking managers can use the Smart Parking Dashboard to continuously monitor the occupancy of parking spaces and the length of each parking session, in order to deduce, for example, the ratio of residents to visitors. Knowing the data and the parking habits of the neighbourhood allows the city and parking management to make decisions such as whether to provide alternative parking for local residents, freeing up public spaces for which a fee is charged, which can result in increased parking revenues.

The Smart Parking pilot has been running continuously in this part of District 13 since its launch, making life easier for drivers looking for free parking in the area and bringing significant improvements to the environment and living conditions of residents.

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