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Parking Guidance Display

We display the number of available parking spaces in your area on our dynamic, high-quality LED message signs to help drivers find free parking space.

Mobile communication

For outdoor and indoor use

Parking Guidance Display


To direct drivers, who are not using the mobile app, to free parking spaces, we use dynamic, high-quality LED matrix displays that show the occupancy status of parking spaces in a given area (whether it’s an exact number or the occupancy level) in real time. In addition to the number and/or availability level of free spaces, anything can be displayed on the multicolour LED matrix display (e.g. text notifications or logos).

By placing Parking Guidance Displays on the streets, congestion and disruption caused by drivers looking for parking spaces in the vicinity of a cul-de-sac or one-way street, for example, can be avoided.

Parking Guidance Displays are designed to withstand the weather and other physical impacts, making them suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. They are easy to install, as they only need a power supply to operate thanks to communication via a mobile network. The visual appearance of the sign can be customised to create the design that best fits the urban landscape.

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