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At Smart Lynx, we are committed to innovate urban mobility thereby create a healthier and more liveable urban environment with the help of the latest IT and communication technologies.


Who we are


Your satisfaction is extremely important for us, so we constantly strive to provide the highest level of service.


Technology is constantly changing, so we're improving our smart city solutions and services to keep up with it.


Our team has decades of experience in IT, telecommunications, engineering and operations.

How we work

In our daily work, we maintain our existing Smart Parking and Traffic Monitoring systems, install new Smart Parking and Traffic Monitoring sensors, analyse the data from the sensors, provide valuable information to our customers and help drivers looking for parking spaces to find them more easily.
Our cloud-based operations platform allows us to remotely monitor the entire network of devices (Smart Parking Sensors, Traffic Monitoring Sensors and Street Parking Guidance Displays), so that in the event of a malfunction or other service outage, we can start troubleshooting the problem as soon as possible.
Proactive monitoring also allows the reliability of the system to be continuously reviewed and fine-tuned if necessary. If required, we can complement our operational service with field reliability monitoring to further optimise the detection accuracy of the system.
Our Smart Parking and Traffic Monitoring Sensors are highly sensitive, so their proper installation is critical to the system's operation. With more thousands deployed sensors behind us, we can confidently say that our professional and precise installation processes contribute to the outstanding reliability of our Smart Parking and Traffic Monitoring solutions.

Meet our team

Márta Csicseri


Klaudia Király

Commercial manager

Péter Pakai

Operations manager

Balázs Bozsik

Product manager

Anita Tóth

Commercial and marketing assistant

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