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Traffic Monitoring Sensor

Our magnetic Traffic Monitoring sensors provide a cost-effective way to measure vehicle traffic anywhere.

Deployed per lane

Magnetic technology

NB-IoT communication


1+ year lifetime

Traffic Monitoring Sensor

Our flush-mounted, lane-by-lane Traffic Monitoring Sensors use magnetic field detection to determine how many vehicles have passed a given point, making urban traffic data easily available in real time through the Traffic Monitoring Dashboard.

The precise operating mechanism of the Traffic Monitoring Sensors (detection sensitivity and data summing frequency) can be calibrated to customer needs, allowing traffic data to be summarised and made available every 1 minute.

The sensors can not only determine the traffic volume but also the average speed of the vehicles passing over them.

The Traffic Monitoring Sensors communicate over an NB-IoT network, so no additional network elements (such as base stations and repeaters) need to be installed to operate. This technology ensures an average lifetime of 1-2 years of the sensors without any other external power source, depending on traffic conditions.

They  have a unique housing design, similar to the Smart Parking sensors, which allows them to be easily installed and replaced in case of depletion.

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