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Sensor-based traffic monitoring in the
7th district of Budapest
to measure traffic calming

Erzsébetváros is one of the busiest and liveliest districts in Budapest. In recent years, the district council has taken a number of measures to reduce traffic congestion. Thanks to Smart Lynx's traffic monitoring sensors, they now have accurate results of the impact of these efforts.

The narrow downtown streets of the 7th district are home to residential buildings, offices, restaurants and nightclubs, making this area a daily pedestrian hub. At the same time, there is also a high volume of car traffic, especially through traffic, which causes congestion and noise and air pollution.

The aim of the municipality and the capital is to create a safer, cleaner district with green spaces and pedestrian streets, putting the interests of residents and pedestrians first. To this end, the district council is committed to traffic calming: traffic and parking arrangements have been changed and speed limit measures have been introduced.

No measure can be considered successful without knowing its exact results. Fortunately, Smart Lynx's sensor-based traffic monitoring solution is able to provide the district's management with all the data they need.

The first step was to identify exactly which streets required car traffic monitoring, and then a total of 60 sensors were installed embedded in the pavement.

The traffic monitoring sensors detect the volume of passing motor vehicle traffic by sensing the magnetic field. The data can be monitored in real time and historically by the authorities via the Traffic Monitoring Dashboard.

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