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We make street parking easier in Lipótváros too!

We have good news for drivers in Budapest – especially those who often try to find a on-steet parking space in the 5th district!

Parker already made it easier to park in the southern part of the district, but now we’ve extended our service even further.

From now on, real-time occupancy data for the majority of on-street parking spaces in the northern part of the 5th district – north of the line between Szabad Sajtó Road and Kossuth Lajos Street – is also available in the Parker app!

With this expansion, real-time occupancy data is now available for nearly 2,500 on-street parking spaces in two Budapest districts!

If you’re a frequent driver in the 5th district or just curious to see what the new parking experience is like, download the Parker app and say goodbye to parking hassles!

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