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Smart Parking in Downtown Budapest – 2nd phase installed!

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The 2nd phase of our smart parking service in the 5th district of Budapest has been successfully completed!

In this project, in addition to the 1,315 parking sensors installed in 2019, we have now installed 2,385 new sensors, which together provide real-time occupancy data for around 75% of the district’s on-street parking spaces, totalling 3,700 spaces, via the Parker mobile app.

This will make life even easier for residents, workers and visitors alike, as they will be able to find out remotely exactly where there are parking spaces available in the district or in the vicinity of their destination.

Our solution saves drivers not only time, but also money, while increasing the occupancy rate of parking spaces, thus increasing parking management revenues and reducing pollution caused by the unnecessary traffic generated by drivers looking for parking spaces.

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